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Roller shutter systems-pioneering

The purpose of design:Doellken roller shutter systems are designed for use on high-quality office, kitchen, living and bathroom furniture. They can be installed horizontally and vertically and unite technical precision with current design trends.

We will be pleased to provide you with advice on what system and what method of installation is best suited to your product.

The benefits of systems:

1.Fast, simple mounting

2.Exceptional running properties

3.Also suitable for tight radii

4.Ready-to-install delivery if required

5. Wide selection of colours and finishes

6.Available in PVC or PP

For smaller furniture ranges and orders relating to specific projects of 30 m2 or more, we can supply an entire roller shutter system plus accessories at short notice ex-stock. Suitable for vertical or horizontal mounting and available in 5 colours.

Technical data

BW 15 / 8 PP
Strip length up to 1200 mm
Strip width: 15 mm / modular dimension

30 mm
Radius at least 35 mm

BWPRO 15 / 12 PP
Strip length up to 2100 mm
Strip width: 30 mm (visual: 15 mm)/
modular dimension 60 mm
Radius at least 50 mm

BW 25 / 12 PVC
Strip length up to 2000 mm
Strip width: 25 mm/ modular dimension 50 mm
Radius at least 35 mm

The systems are accompanied by the following accessories: Locking strips and handles, sealing profiles, connecting profiles, cover strips, slides, tracks and runners and centre stoppers: All in the matching colour.

BW 15/8


BWPRO 15/12




BW 25/12




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